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good movie bro. My uncle lives in belgium he might know the story.


Estas chileno? A mi me gusto mucho jajajaj. I'm living in chile atm coz of my gf and she found it funny. :) I'd like to know if you guys have a flash community here in chile or anything of the such that I can get in touch with?

Update review:

Just wanted to say this was very funny. I enjoyed the humour very much.

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some great personality to a would be boring game. Thanks Susan for a good 30 minutes of fun time.

Didn't come across any bugs, however, the escape key removed me from full screen play when I need it to escape from menu etc. The controls are a bit exhausting to understand at first but I got used to it later. Good game, spent a few hours until the end. Would love to see the final product when it's ready.

Edit: How do I break the solid wall? there are 2, Nothing seems to work. thank you.

funny, addictive, creative... man I love what you did here. U got my 5

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i found this remix a lot better than the original. Very well made! I had a few listens to this.

MattBat27 responds:

Thank you so much!

I very much like this! :) Mind if I throw this in my next game?

RaztoR responds:

Thanks, I wouldn't mind at all! However, I've been doing some minor adjustments to the mastering of the track and I have also made a shorter intro version out of it. Depending on which version you would like to use, I could upload it for you. Let's continue the discussion in PM!

Check this out man

There's a song that has the same sample and song tune from your Endless Space:
http://www.ledfashion.com.au/products /equalizer-t-shirt-raver-yellow-red

If you click on the play button for the video, listen to the music, you can hear the sample from this song. It has been integrated with Benny Benassi's "Illusion".

You able to tell me where the origins of this tune is from?

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The colours are vibrant and beautiful. I tried using it as a wallpaper, but it makes everything unclear... :(

Still... Thanks for the great drawing Brian!

Brian-OA responds:

You're welcome man, your opinion really means a lot..!


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