Entry #3

Christmas Animation Contest $$$

2009-11-09 21:15:07 by Godlimations

1st: $500
2nd: $300
3rd: $200

Front Page at Newgrounds.com $100
Honorable Mention: $50

-Create a Christmas themed animation.
-The animation is judged by the contest ranking at Godlimations.
-The animation must be made using Flash (.swf)
-You may submit several entries for a better chance to win.
-Contest ends 10th December. Winners will be announced on the 15th.
-To enter the competition, simply tick the competition box in the submit page.
-By submitting your animation, Godlimations is allowed to distribute it upon this website, as well as others.
-Godlimations will not claim authorship of your animation.

Include "Presented by Godlimations" or "More cartoons" in the preloader of the animation, and a Godlimations intro animation. They must open "Godlimations.com" in a new window when clicked. Your entry must follow these regulations if submitted to other websites, or your animation will be disqualified. Third party ads are welcome to be included if you wish.

Click here to download the logo package for your animation.

Good luck to all our contestants,
Questions? E-mail Cameron at cameronthewriter@gmail.com


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2009-11-09 21:28:00

do you accept 3d animation?


Godlimations responds:

as long as it's under 8mb and compiled as an swf... my website can't take any other formats unfortunately :(


2009-11-09 21:32:47

that's ok ill try and reformat

thanks for the tip!


2009-11-09 22:13:06

It's a shame that you say under 8 Mb because I'll have a 20 MB submission. :(

My upload limit is that high so I strive for movies that long.


2009-11-09 23:19:12

I would join, but the preloader issue prevents me from entering other contests like the NG one.
Any other things I can do to make my entry valid?

Godlimations responds:

Are you using a video file? I can convert it to flash swf and stick a preloader on it with a menu etc... that part is essential. I'd be happy to help you out.


2009-11-09 23:29:04

No no no.
It is an swf file, but the thing is in order for it to be a valid NG Christmas Contest entry, I need the Newgrounds Preloader at the beginning of the movie when it is hosted on NG.

Godlimations responds:

Ahh I see. Yeah, you'd have to decide about that one. :) gluck with that.


2009-11-10 00:16:47

Unexpected file format.

that why i should not enter this, or just i can't. sorry.

Godlimations responds:

if you're using a video file and want it as an swf, I can assist you in that. And I would be grateful in contributing to getting you your wacom cintiq if you win :)


2009-11-10 01:34:26

that's cool that you're site has a flash portal.
I can't download those .fla files though......
I have flash 8 pro...

Godlimations responds:

Okay I just changed it. It works for flash 8 now :)


2009-11-10 08:45:27

well im already making my xmas flash so
im in xD

Godlimations responds:

Would love your input! :D I wish you all the best bocodamondo :D


2009-11-10 09:20:16

Oh thanks, I will give it a try.


2009-11-10 10:11:08

I'm a voice actor and just dropped in to say that I am ready to help whoever will need someone of my speacialty for this contest.


2009-11-10 10:39:27

The .fla files, can you put for Flash 8 version?

Godlimations responds:

You can download it now. I just changed it. Thanks man! :D Good luck with the competition! Look forward to seeing your work.


2009-11-10 13:14:55

Thanks, I can open them without problem now :)


2009-11-10 15:39:43

I sent you an email with all my questions.

Godlimations responds:

I didn't receive your email if you sent it to Cameron's. He's helping out with the promotion.

My email is patrick@godlimations.com


2009-11-28 22:38:05

im making something.

i think you might like it


2010-05-20 19:34:05

Good games bro , you are a good flash maker
Greetings :D


2010-07-06 12:25:36

dude update your page!!


2010-07-22 20:14:42

update your fraggen page


2010-07-22 20:15:26

lol i never knew that first one was the in sorry!


2010-07-24 12:05:15

Hey dude I need you to come 2 me house at 1349 washingtoin st. bellaire ohio because i want to film a movie like monster basement 2 anytime you want!


2010-12-27 16:26:54

Nice! but I want to talk about "Monster Basement 2, When you replay the thing in the poster kills you. (Chain saw dude) Is it supposed to do that or did it glitch?


2011-02-16 15:59:37

I really suck at making flashes...
but im here to wish good luck to everyone >.>


2012-08-31 11:03:43

nice job on Flash Bash once again. The game does get pretty hateful playing on hard though haha. Dragon Boy has zero recovery on his major attacks haha,

Also I love Melinka's voice. she sounds so sweet and innocent. I also like that shes speaking spanish, its a nice change from Japanese voices in fighters.